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We are a leading investment bank with a focus on the global telecom, media and technology (TMT) sector, yet we believe that specialization within the broader TMT landscape allows us to offer better advice and optimize outcomes for our clients.

Cloud Communications & Collaboration

Our expertise in the Cloud Communications & Collaboration sector spans cloud unified communications, contact center, communications platform and emerging customer engagement technologies. The sector is fueling enterprise IT spend, with digital communications representing over a quarter of industry IT investment world-wide. We expect to see continued innovation and consolidation in the sector across our key focus areas.

Cloud Unified Communications

Cloud Contact Center

Communications Platforms & Messaging

Customer & Employee Experience

Cloud Analytics & Automation

Managed IT & Cloud Services

Our expertise in the Managed IT and Cloud Services sector spans traditional Managed IT services to emerging digital transformation solutions. IT Services represents one of the highest growth sectors in global IT spend, as enterprises prioritize cloud migration, data modernization, and unlocking data insights. Innovation and growth in this sector continues to rapidly evolve globally.

Managed IT

Cloud Networking

Cloud Infrastructure

Managed Security

Data Strategy & Modernization

Digital Infrastructure

Our expertise in Digital Infrastructure spans the Fiber, Wireless Transit, Mobile Towers, Data Center, Maintenance, Power, & Ancillary Services sectors. The unprecedented growth in data consumption and shift to cloud services worldwide, has increased the demand for next generation communications infrastructure. We expect to see continued evolution of business models, consolidation, and new financing alternatives in the sector across our key focus areas.

Fiber & Wireless

Mobile Towers

Wireless Spectrum

Data Centers

Maintenance, Power, & Ancillary Services

Software & Technology

We constantly monitor the pulse of key sectors across the TMT landscape. Our diverse experience across software, telecom, and media uniquely positions us to address several additional sectors, from Enterprise Software to the Internet of Things.

Enterprise Software

Telecom Software

Digital Media & Ad Tech

Internet of Things

Analytics and AI Software